Revolutionary new technology from Evolving Logic

The business environment is increasingly competitive. So even the slightest missteps and missed opportunities can result in sizeable losses for you, or sizeable gains for your competitors. Yet in an arena where decision-making is increasingly fraught with risk, there has been a noticeable absence of robust decision-making tools for managers.

There are some large enterprise software products on the market, however, they are essentially huge databases that can be counted on for little more than storing data and producing canned reports. There are forecasting tools available, but those typically work well only up to the point where unanticipated variables enter into their real world scenarios. Also, while most management teams try to factor in a certain amount of scenario and “what if” analysis the available commercial software has trouble processing it. Consequently, managers have lacked an effective way of turning their vast repositories of data and scenario building into something that can be used to competitive advantage. As a result, some of the largest corporations in the world have been forced to base their most critical business decisions on decades-old spreadsheet models.

That is, until now. Evolving Logic’s revolutionary technology has proven to be highly effective at synthesizing data from a myriad of sources within an organization (legacy spreadsheets, enterprise software tools, management input, etc.) into dynamic, useable models. Only then are you really able to use that valuable information to shape future decisions in a way that translates into prudent and profitable actions.

Thanks to Evolving Logic, “anticipatory modeling” is no longer a vision for business somewhere in the distant future, it is a proven software and methodology tool named RAP™ that can drastically improve your decision-making right now.

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