Revolutionary new technology from Evolving Logic

Evolving Logic’s technology (RAP™) provides an important new tool for computational science. By allowing unlimited numbers of computer experiments to be conducted, driven by a wide range of goals or strategies, the implications of computer models can be made much more evident. Non-linear computer models have complex behavior, which often means that only through computer experiments can we understand the implication of the combination of knowledge and conjecture that goes into constructing a model. This fact, combined with the uncertainty that is often associated with a given application of models means that deriving the full benefit of computational science requires the capability of reasoning with large numbers of computational experiments, like that Evolving Logic has developed.

Our technology and approach to computational science has already been applied in several areas of computational science, including climate studies >| read Climate Studies articles, computational social science >| read Bankes Papers and sustainable development >| read Shaping the Next 100 years article.

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