How Our Out-Of-The-Box Thinking Helps You Think Within The Box.
  • The problem space of any decision-making situation can be defined along these parameters:
    Hedging Opportunities

  • These 3 areas can be further defined in terms of degrees:
    Low to High Complexity
    Well-Characterized to Deep Uncertainty
    Few to Many Hedging Opportunities

  • When the degree of Uncertainty can be Well-Characterized, “Predict-Then-Act” decision-making processes can do quite well.

  • When there is a higher degree of uncertainty, but much fewer possible choices or Hedging Opportunities, Non-computational Scenario Planning approaches can be helpful in decision-making.

  • How do you decide on a course of action when Complexity, Uncertainty and Hedging Opportunities are so numerous, you are prevented from making a decision with any real degree of integrity?

This is precisely where you can depend on the extraordinary Robust Decision-Making capabilities of RAP™ from Evolving Logic.

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